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How do I work with you as my coach?

Click here to learn more and apply for a free Clarity Call!  

Do you offer single coaching sessions? 

I’m sorry; I only offer one coaching package for new clients. Click here to learn about my coaching program and apply for a free Clarity Call!  

Where did you go to school to become a Certified Professional Life Coach?

I attended Christian Coach Institute and was trained to use the Christian Coaching Model.


What’s your rheumatoid arthritis story?

You can watch a recording of me telling my story here!

Who’s your nutritionist?

Jeff Langlois at Langlois Vital Nutrition in Milwaukee. I credit God and Jeff for helping me find a way to stop taking medication! Email me your mailing address and I’d be happy to send you a referral card so you can get your initial consult for $59 instead of $99.

What medications were you on?

At age 17 when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I started giving myself shots of Enbrel. After Enbrel, I tried infusions of Remicade, and the last medication I was on in 2013 was Humira. I was on a number of other medications over the years, but those are the main ones! Now I take zero medications — but I do take lots of vitamins!

What vitamins and supplements do you take?

My vitamin program is constantly changing and is dictated by my nutritionist and the tests he does each time I visit so that I’m taking exactly what my body needs. Most of the vitamins I take are Standard Process brand.

What diet do you follow?

Most simply, I follow the Paleo Diet. To be more specific, I follow the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet. To learn more, here’s the main GAPS book or website.

So what do you actually eat?

I eat a lot of meat, fish, and veggies and simple, unprocessed food. My favorite go-to snacks are Nick’s SticksLarabars, and anything slathered in almond butter. Check my book list for a couple favorite recipe books or my paleo Pinterest board for many of the recipes we use.

Have you tried essential oils?

Yep! I use doTERRA and I use peppermint, lavender, and PastTense most often.



Where did you find your personal assistant and your housekeeper?

Care.com. Here’s a list of the tasks our personal assistant helps us with!

Where did you get your glasses?

Warby Parker! I have the Finch glasses in the Violet Magnolia color.

Where do you go to church?

St. Marcus in Milwaukee. Kyle and I LOVE our church and invite you to worship with us anytime!



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