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We’re hiring a new personal assistant! Here’s the job description

Many of you know that I’m a big believer in not doing it all.

I’m proud to say that we budget money for both a cleaning woman every other week and a personal assistant every week. This is something that’s important to us, and we love being able to give our money to women who do great work for us and who have a family to support or college bills to pay, etc.

Sad news: Our current assistant Sara is moving on. She’s honestly been a Godsend for the past year, and we built a great relationship with her, but her new job schedule doesn’t allow her to continue working for us.

So, I thought I’d promote here on the blog the fact that we’re currently interviewing candidates to fill her position, not just to get the word out to potential candidates, but to give all of you a behind-the-scenes look at what tasks we actually have our personal assistant take care of to free both Kyle and me up to spend time on other things.

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Photo: Laurelyn Savannah Photography

Job Description: Personal Assistant for the Kerrs

  • General description: We’re looking for a personal assistant who’s a good fit with our family and lifestyle who can help us out by taking responsibility for some of our household tasks. Each week when you arrive you’ll receive a list, most of which will be repeat tasks, with usually a few one-time tasks as well. I, Diana, will train you so you’re comfortable with everything we ask you to do, and I encourage you to feel free to ask questions anytime! I would love to get to know you and find out what you’re good at so we can hopefully cater your tasks to your strengths or the things you enjoy, like cooking, for example. We’re looking for someone who can, upon hire, feasibly commit to at least a year of working with us. This is a flexible and low-stress environment, although we are looking for someone who is on the ball and will be efficient and productive! (Basically, just not a slowpoke. ;)) We are nice people who love Jesus and will treat you well! :)
  • Hours:
    • 3 hours per week
    • Preferably on Wednesdays from noon-3:00, although other potential options include any day from Tuesday-Friday with a start time between noon and 2:00. We’ll work out something that works for both of us!
    • Scheduling is flexible for weeks when you have vacation or a conflict. We can skip that week or reschedule for a different day if possible. We just appreciate that you tell us well in advance and that you don’t take advantage of the flexibility to the point that it becomes a burden. :)
  • Start date: First week of July or as soon as possible
  • Pay: $35 per week, with additional pay for extra errands or extra time spent past the usual 3 hours
  • Qualities in an ideal candidate:
    • Trustworthy, reliable, honest
    • On time
    • Efficient, productive
    • Resourceful
    • Assertive
    • Hardworking
    • Intelligent
    • Independent
    • Good listener + communicator
    • Problem-solver
  • Responsibilities–Either weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed:
    • Stop at Aldi on the way to our home to get groceries on our shared grocery list on Wunderlist app
    • Put away groceries
    • Put away dishes, wash dishes, load/unload dishwasher
    • Wash out and fill up Brita pitcher
    • Refill vitamin containers for Kyle and me
    • Replace towels and dish towels throughout kitchen and bathrooms
    • Empty garbages throughout house
    • Take out the garbage and recycling
    • Take garbage or recycling bins to the curb if collection is the next day
    • Bring in the mail
    • Clean kitchen sink
    • Wipe down sink, counter, and mirrors in bathrooms
    • Clean toilets
    • Clean coffee pot
    • Vacuum
    • Restock: (Yes, this list is ridiculous, but I love it because my brain doesn’t have to worry about these things)
      • Champagne in the fridge (We always keep a bottle cold! You never know when you’ll need to celebrate.)
      • Toilet paper in the bathrooms
      • Paper towels in kitchen
      • Change out Brita filter
      • Salt and pepper shakers
      • Water in the iron
      • Cotton balls in bathroom
      • Tea box
    • Wash sheets and remake beds
    • Check Jeep: Throw out garbage, fill up gas tank if it’s under 1/4 full
    • Soak and clean Norwex cloths in boiling water + detergent
    • Run errands–Post office, library, tailor, returns, etc.
    • Cooking and baking (Some examples below):
      • Chopping up veggies
      • Making salad dressing
      • Baking desserts
      • Putting together bags of seasoning for recipes
      • Making chili
    • Wrap presents
    • Scan photos or documents
    • Other tasks as needed and as capable! :)

Please share this on social media or with a friend you think would be a good fit and would enjoy this very part-time job! All interested candidates: Please email me at dianadkerr@gmail.com. If you have an updated resume, please attach it, although this is not required!

For those who visited this post out of curiosity, there you have it! This is our somewhat inclusive list of the tasks we hire out. I encourage you to challenge yourself to hire something out! (We found Sara (as well as our cleaning lady) through Care.com, by the way!)

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