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October 2017 PowerSheets goals

I realized something as I was setting my PowerSheets goals this month:

I really love the goal-setting process. 

Maybe you’re like me and naturally like that, or maybe goal-setting feels overwhelming, daunting.

Here are 5 tips that help make goal-setting more enjoyable for me that might serve you too!

  1. I get out of the house to my favorite coffee shop (usually). This environment helps me feel both focused and inspired.
  2. I set a date and carve out some time in advance each month to set my goals. This way I’m not cramming in the time and feeling annoyed that “I don’t have time for this.” I do have the time, because I prioritize it.
  3. I pray before I begin. I ask for God to help me set good goals (goals that are good in his eyes) and even after setting goals, to help me from getting tunnel vision on achieving those goals and missing the bigger picture.
  4. I use a goal-setting system so I’m not 100% inventing my goal-setting process myself. PowerSheets are my goal-planning system of choice.
  5. I start with the end in mind. I ask myself what I really want from October (keeping in mind God’s will–I don’t mean “what I really want” to sound purely self-serving). How do I want to feel? What results do I want? Answering those questions help me set good goals that line up with what matters. Accomplishing goals for the sake of checking them off is not the end goal–glorifying God out of thankfulness for his grace is the end goal.

I’m excited to share the October goals I set with my PowerSheets. First, here’s how things went with my September PowerSheets goals!

1. Test God in time with him

Progress made. Still working on choosing time with the Lord more often in those moments where I know it’d be valuable but my list is soooo long. As I type this I realize that I am trying to do this out of my own strength rather than his and need to pray that he helps me with this.

2. Enter tags for Divine Consign sale

3. Prepare for intentional, God-focused business + family photos with my Making Things Happen friend, Nicolette

4. Love through listening

Again, I made progress here, and by the grace of God, I think I rambled less + listened instead more than usual this past month. One comment in particular affirmed I’m doing better.

5. Dig into You and Me Forever and the action steps

6. Set up a system for content upgrades to replicate

7. Resolve QuickBooks issues and develop a system to stay on top of it better going forward

Can’t quite check this as “complete” since I’m waiting on my CPA (my dad :D) to get back to me about a question. He’s been busy though so it’s no big deal! Otherwise, QuickBooks is squared away. Alleluia! 

Weekly goals:

Goal: Do each of these at least 3/4 weeks

1. Savor a Sunday Funday Sabbath

2. Exercise at least 2 times (Other than walking)

3. Process papers and files 30+ minutes

4. Keep calories to <16,450/week (2,350/day)

I am working on improving my mindfulness with eating–eating as nutritiously as is reasonably possible and only eating when I’m actually hungry. Tracking my calories is an imperfect but somewhat effective way to measure that. I didn’t quite hit my goal this month, but God is working on me. :) 

Daily goals:

1. Pray on the ground | Goal: 20 days // Actual: 20

2. Track food in FitBit | Goal: 22 days // Actual: 24

3. Open the texting app on my phone <16 times | Goal: 20 days // Actual: 22

4. Grow in faith with Kyle | Goal: 15 days // Actual: 18

5. Practice gratitude focused on God, not my circumstances | Goal: 20 days // Actual: 22

6. Avoid phone or computer use after 8 pm | Goal: 20 days // Actual: 16

I realized how hard this is for me with Kyle coming home between 8-10 a lot of nights. I need to pivot and readjust this goal a bit and put some fresh habits/barriers in place to help me achieve my end goals of using the last couple hours of the day intentionally, being present with Kyle, and being able to fall asleep at a good time.

7. Lights out by 10 pm | Goal: 12 days // Actual: 12

Books I finished:

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You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

Now, here are my October goals!PinIT


Like I mentioned, I use the PowerSheets intentional goal-planner to set and track these goals!

1. Read Sleep Smarter and implement at least 2 things from the book

2. Choose to live in a peak state

“Peak state” is a Tony Robbins phrase. It’s about changing your physiology by using your body the way you’d like to feel. I’ve been experiencing some challenges with fatigue lately, so it’s easy to slump over, walk slowly, talk slowly, etc. Instead, I want to choose to move my body as if I have energy, because it legitimately changes the way you act and feel. Look it up if my explanation completely confused you. haha 

3. Plan Erica’s baby shower

Yes, my little sister’s having a baby! Harrington’s first cousin. :) 

4. Bring joyful, listening presence to my relationships

5. Link specific prayers to tasks 

This ties in with my #1 spiritual life goal for the year! I loooove Val Woerner’s house prayers idea, so I’m stealing it. :)

6. Simplify and de-stress healthy, timely meals, especially Harrington’s meals

One month of feeding a baby has taught me: You can’t wait till 10 minutes before dinner to figure out what you’re going to feed your kid. It doesn’t work well.

7. Create a video series about clearing mental clutter

If you’re on my email list, I’ll let you know when it’s ready! Snag this freebie to get on my list!

8. Fill coaching spots of clients who end their coaching program this month

Is that you? Are you finally ready for some life change, friend? I have a couple spots probably opening up later this month! Click here for more info on Christian life coaching.

9. Reach monthly income goal

Confession: I feel so weird putting this as a goal. As much as I’m a goal-setter, I have never really set income goals in my business. Crazy, I know. I actually don’t really set metrics-related goals (even like goal #8 above) because 1) I can’t completely control them and 2) numbers are far from my end goal in my business. However, this is still a business, and good businesses make money. (They do a whole lot more than that, but making money is one important thing.) I think we shy away from this as women and often view money as icky, and I wonder if this is part of why many of us struggle to be profitable in our businesses. Not trying to ruffle feathers here–just a thought. I think you can pursue income goals AND put God/your priorities first as long as that income goal isn’t the be-all and end-all. Comment below and let me know if you feel this tension and how you approach it in your business. I’d really value your input!

Weekly goals:

Goal: Do each of these at least 3/4 weeks

1. Savor a Sunday Funday Sabbath

2. Keep calories to <16,450/week (2,350/day)

3. Exercise at least 2 times (Other than walking)

4. Read before bed instead of watching TV

5. Process paper/electronic inbox 60+ minutes

When I have something in my head, I get it out as soon as possible to clear up space and avoid anxious, overwhelmed feelings. More about that in this book. The challenge is that if you get that stuff out of your head (I either put in my Todoist “inbox” or on a piece of paper that goes in my paper inbox), you have to regularly go through that stuff. I usually go through it on Thursdays, but I’ve gotten a little behind, so I’m putting this as a regular weekly goal and telling you all about it for accountability! :)

6. Improve the efficiency of at least one thing in my personal life or business to buy back time

Examples of how I already use systems here!

Daily goals:

1. Pray + spend time in the Word | Goal: 20 days

2. Track food in FitBit | Goal: 22 days

3. Encourage Kyle | Goal: 20 days

4. Practice gratitude focused on God, not my circumstances | Goal: 20 days

5. Grow in faith with Kyle | Goal: 15 days

6. Completely wind down by 9 pm | Goal: 12 days

7. Lights out by 10 pm | Goal: 15 days

Share your goals with me in the comments or link to your goals post if you blogged them!

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  • October 13, 2017 - 6:06 am

    Kyla Shattuck - I’m such a fan of that ‘peak state’ mentality. It reminds me of Switch on Your Brain by Caroline Leaf and the ability to reprogram our minds and bodies through the way we think and conduct ourselves. So good!ReplyCancel

    • October 13, 2017 - 9:53 am

      Diana Kerr - YES! I love Caroline Leaf. I have that book on my short list of books to read before the end of the year. Have you read other ones of hers? Would you say that one’s the best? I saw her speak a few years ago at Catalyst Conference and was BLOWN AWAY.

      Also continually blown away at how similar you and I are. haha :) I had a minor blog post reading binge of your posts this past week and I love them. :)ReplyCancel

  • October 3, 2017 - 10:59 pm

    Ellie - Thank you so much for sharing! You are so inspiring and have such great ideas and systems to make life run more smoothly. I had one question, what kids of things do you have on your personal CEO checklist? I would love to create one as well but want to know what kids of things go on it. Thanks so much for sharing all your previous lists with us. They are freeing!ReplyCancel

    • October 9, 2017 - 2:50 pm

      Diana Kerr - Hey Ellie! Great question. You can have a list of categories of things to brain dump and get out of your head, a list of things you want to schedule into the week, tasks such as online shopping or cleaning up your computer desktop or making a list of food to use up in the fridge or setting goals for the upcoming week… I also at this time during my CEO time look at my calendar + my to-do list (both of which are electronic) and I put down on paper just what I need for the next week. Start a list and play around with it to see what works for you… aim to make it complete but as simple as possible. :)ReplyCancel

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