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June 2017 goals

I’m finishing up this post a little late because I launched my group coaching program today and that was my #1 priority! :) Enrollment is open only until June 15–click here to learn more. :)

Also, my assistant Michelle just had her baby girl! She surprised us all and is here a few weeks early. Check out her newborn cuteness over here on Facebook.

In the midst of all this, I expected to be frazzled and really busy, but God is using motherhood to redeem my high standards and my use of time. Also, I’ve gotta give a shout-out to systems (You all know how much I LOVE systems), because they have made all these transitions and such very, very smooth.

Before I share my June goals, here’s how I did in May! Like I shared in my May goals post, I wasn’t going to worry too much about accomplishing all these things, and I didn’t. I soaked up the last month of maternity leave and feel great about it. :)

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1. Fill out my weekly routine workbook and create a new weekly routine for when I go back to work

If you want to purchase this workbook, click here to buy my to-do list guide, and then you’ll have a chance to buy the workbook when you complete your order!

2. Donate blood at the Blood Center nearby

3. Finish and publish Harrington’s birth story on the blog 

Read Harrington’s birth story here.

4. Schedule thermography appointment for Kyle and me

5. Finish prayer box

6. Create a new workout routine

7. Figure out next steps for gathering some friends who want to encourage each other to live their faith boldly

8. Keep non-paleo food to no more than 30 items

9. Watch Idealust’s Facebook and Instagram ads course

10. Delegate advance tasks for my Bold, Intentional Life group coaching program to my VA by May 24

Weekly goals:

Goal: Do each of these at least 3/4 weeks

1. Take video of Harry

2. Take a true Sunday Sabbath

3. Do something for someone else

4. Spend no more than 90 minutes on social media

5. Take a photo of Harry with Kyle, me, or others

6. Eat an average of 2,500 calories/day or less 

7. Use my vitamin D lamp

Daily goals:

Goal: 17/25 days (since I didn’t start officially tracking these in my PowerSheets till May 6th :))

1. Pray for daily manna, boldness in my faith, and an eternal focus

2. Keep screen unlocks on my phone to 50 or less 

3. Track food in FitBit

4. Rest or take a nap

5. Achieve my daily step goal 

6. Find a way to intentionally love/respect/serve Kyle

7. Write in my gratitude journal

Books I finished:

Living Well, Spending Less

Chasing Slow

Profit First

Now, here are my June goals!


Photo: Laurelyn Savannah Photography


1. Launch Bold, Intentional Life

2. Clean up and reorganize my shared documents with my assistant Michelle

3. Implement the Profit First system in my business

Val Woerner’s blog post about her most life-changing books mentioned the book Profit First and it has changed my life!

4. Clean out photos + negatives

Most are already saved digitally, so I’m probably going to toss most of them. Is that a mistake? Please tell me your thoughts on this friends. I honestly never ever ever go through those boxes of photos; having them digitally has been waaay more useful. :)

Weekly goals:

Goal: Do each of these at least 3/4 weeks

1. Do something for someone else

I began adding this to my PowerSheets as one of my maternity leave goals after Harrington was born as  a way to not be too inwardly-focused, and I love having this on my weekly goals list. It’s not like I never did anything for anyone before having this goal, but seeing it over and over reminds me to think creatively about how I can be a blessing to others with the time and resources God’s entrusted me with.

2. Eat an average of 2,450 calories/day or less

I’ve been convicted lately of the wastefulness of eating more than I need to in order to fuel my body. Tracking what I eat has been eye-opening and has also made me less likely to eat when I don’t actually need to.

3. Take a true Sunday Sabbath

To me, this means a full day of no email, no work, no social media, no errands, minimal phone + computer time, and very minimal household productivity. It’s a day of church and rest for our family, because Jesus’ death gives us the ability to chill out and stop thinking that things will fall apart if we’re not productive 24/7.


Lots of family time on Kyle’s boat + my parent’s boat is in the plans now that Harrington fits in his life jacket! He was on a boat 3 times last weekend. :) We’re maybe a little overeager. Also, I love that this life jacket goes down to his knees! :D 

Daily goals:

1. Track my food in FitBit Goal: 20 days

2. Keep screen unlocks on my phone to 50 or less Goal: 20 days

This is not as easy as you’d think! Try the QualityTime or Moment app to track your phone use and you’ll be shocked!

3. Rest or take a nap Goal: 15 days

This ties in with my #1 health goal for 2017.

4. Pray for daily manna + for a bold, eternal focus on life | Goal: 20 days

5. Go above and beyond to intentionally show love, service, or respect to Kyle Goal: 15 days

6. Exercise | Goal: 10 days

I’ve been doing lots of walking, but for this goal, I’m only counting running, elliptical, strength training, etc. to encourage me to get back into more challenging exercise.

7. Turn + keep my phone on airplane mode after 8 pm Goal: 10 days

To be honest, I’m struggling a little with phone boundaries after maternity leave. I temporarily lost some of my good habits surrounding phone use. This goal is a small step in the right direction, and is not just good for my mental health and my presence with my family, but my ability to fall asleep quickly when I go to bed. :)

Now I want to hear from you! Tell me your goals for June! If you posted them on your blog, please share the link below so I can check them out and cheer you on! Questions about goal setting? Post those below as well!

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