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January 2018 PowerSheets goals


Let’s skip the rambling and cut to the chase–it’s January 5th and I am a little late writing this post! Plus, I don’t normally work on my off days (I choose to be in full-on mom mode), but the new year kind of kicked me in the booty with a mountain of emails and tasks I had to catch up on, soooo this blog post is brought to you by: NAP TIME.

First, here’s how things went with my December PowerSheets goals!

I use the PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner to set and track these goals! Check out this post I wrote alllllll about PowerSheets : What are PowerSheets? + How to use PowerSheets to set intentional goals

1. Research and choose a Jesus-focused tradition for our family to begin for Advent or Christmas

Trying to come up with something felt forced. My baby’s too young to really do anything and I detest that feeling of putting something on my husband that I can tell he’s not that into. I realized that we already 1) go to Advent services and Christmas church as a family and 2) attend a special Christmas concert each year with my favorite local Christian band. I also read books about the true meaning of Christmas to Harry, I did my annual Advent devotion series, and I completed goal #9 below, which allowed me more time to spend with God. I think that’s enough good and Jesus-focused things for this year! :)


2. Plan a 30th birthday for Kyle that makes him feel loved

Pulled off a surprise birthday dinner at his favorite restaurant and some other intentional surprises on the day-of. (Not easy, since his birthday is Christmas and we are NEVER even at home on his birthday!)


3. Set 2018/Quarter 1/January PowerSheets goals + an action plan, focused on God

4. Hire a Content Manager

I made progress on the job description, but decided to put the hiring off for now until completing the book in goal #5 below. Make sure you’re on my email list to get an email when applications are open!

5. Start Traction book

6. Reach business income goal

God’s faithfulness blows me away!

7. Bring joyful energy + listening presence to relationships and events

In some cases, yes! I thank God for that. I will always be a work in progress until I go to heaven, though!

8. Choose to live in a peak state

Again, definitely not perfect, but there were many days of intense fatigue where I still chose to move/act with purpose and energy. :)

9. Fast from TV during the week in the weeks leading up to Christmas

Continuing this into all of 2018! No TV M-Th.

Weekly goals:

Goal: Complete these at least 3/4 weeks. Note: I did give myself “off” on these goals the week of Christmas! Ain’t nobody got time for striving for perfectionism while you’re away from home almost the whole week!

1. Process inbox for 90+ minutes

2. Make healing soup our nutritionist recommended

3. Exercise 2+ times

4. Keep calories to <2,250/day on average

Daily goals:

1. Worship and adore Christ through prayer and time spent in the Word | Goal: 30 days // Actual: 30

2. Encourage Kyle + Pray for him | Goal: 20 days // Actual: 21

3. Do a very short exercise routine in the morning and get Vitamin D to help reset my cortisol rhythms | Goal: 15 days // Actual: 23

4. Streamline/simplify/systemize something in my business or personal life | Goal: 20 days // Actual: 20

5. Track food in FitBit + Reflect briefly on positive choices versus ways I could have eaten healthier | Goal: 25 days // Actual: 25

6. Wind down completely by 9 | Goal: 18 days // Actual: 19

7. Lights out by 10 | Goal: 15 days // Actual: 15

Books I finished:

These and all other affiliate links in this post support our Giving Back initiative

Sleep Smarter


Simplicity Parenting

Now, here are my January goals!

I made a BIG shift this year in how I decided to set my annual goals. I have so much to share with you about this.  It’s going to be a game changer for you. Make sure you’re on my email list to hear all about that.

What that approach means for my January goals is that all of my personal goals (except for the first one) tie into the same, singular 2018 goal. For my business goals, I only have one goal other than my recurring monthly goal to reach my income target.


1. Wrap up Christmas

No pun intended. :) This includes putting away decorations, finishing thank-you notes, and updating the gift idea lists I keep for others and myself.

2. Listen to Val Woerner’s webinar on prayer

3. Start using my 2018 prayer journal and set a monthly time to fill it out

4. Choose a book of the Bible to begin studying in-depth

5. Choose at least 3 resources to help me dig into that book, including at least 1 physical commentary book

6. Develop a list of resources to help me dig into Scripture

7. Read Women of the Word and mark it up for future reference

8. Define the ideal version of each day/week’s spiritual disciplines I’d like to implement. Begin implementing 3 of them.

9. Fill my newly-added coaching spaces and begin a wait list

 10. Reach business income goal

Weekly goals:

Goal: Complete these at least 3/4 weeks

1. Have fun with or love on a close friend or family member

2. Exercise 2x 

3. Process my physical and electronic inboxes for 90 minutes

What do I mean by that? The book Getting Things Done will explain it. 

4. Continue mindful eating and keep calories to an average of <2,200/day

Daily goals:

1. Go deeper in my knowledge of and relationship with God | Goal: 31 days

2. Track my food | Goal: 25 days

3. ZERO phone or computer use after 9 pm | Goal: 15 days

Share your goals with me in the comments or link to your goals post if you blogged them!

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