Bold, Intentional Life
Design your time + life to make what (really) matters happen.
An 8-week group coaching program for go-getter Christian chicks
In a world where everything moves incredibly fast (hello, over-stuffed schedules)...

At a time when everything is incredibly messy (it feels harder than ever to live a Jesus-focused, priority-driven life)...
It’s easy to let society dictate our priorities, time, and energy.

It’s tempting to get caught up in a trap of “shoulds.”

It’s common to be weighed down by what you think you should be doing.
But I have a sneaking suspicion that you want MORE than common from your life. I have a feeling you’re a woman who doesn’t just want to make things happen...but wants to make the right things happen—purposeful things.
So, what you need? 

1) A voice of reason to help you get authentically, crystal-clear on what truly matters to you, and 

2) Personalized, tested strategies to help you live your life in line with those things.
I’m Diana Kerr—Certified Professional Life Coach—and let me just say: I’ve been where you are. I’ve spread myself too thin; I’ve struggled with saying “no,” I’ve spent way too much energy worrying that I was letting people (and myself!) down.
And I don’t have to tell you: this is no way to live.
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So what if, instead you could:
• Wake up each day with purpose, passion, and bone-deep joy for the unique life God’s blessed you with.
• Go to sleep at night, fully at peace knowing you got the right (to you!) things done.

• Boost your self-esteem and confidence by kicking guilt, overwhelm, distraction, procrastination, and bad habits to the curb.
• Step into the BEST version of yourself—a fired-up, incredible woman living her God-given calling boldly, intentionally, and unapologetically.
• Gift your family and husband with this happier, less-guilty, liberated version of yourself.

• Make future decisions and take action with purpose, confidence, and faith.
Here’s what you get in this group coaching program:
• 8 weekly, live classes 
• Membership site with class recordings and more

• Access to a private Facebook community of other like-minded Christian women 

• Hand-picked accountability partnership with another woman in the program (optional)

• Weekly accountability check-ins + encouragement so you’re achieving your goals

• Prize giveaways to incentivize you to take action 

Here's how you'll regain your life:
Dig deep to unearth the realities of your current life + who God made you to be:
• Examine what’s working and what needs fixing
• Discover and maximize your unique values + strengths  
Overcome obstacles that have been holding you back for years:
• Tackle the root causes of your roadblocks (fear, procrastination, perfectionism...)
• Tap into your personal motivation when you feel stuck or unenergized
• Anticipate and overcome obstacles in advance
• Create strategies to take your life back from soul-sucking distractions
Craft a vision that propels you to energetic action-taking:
• Turn your life vision into a road map for action-taking
• Set the right goals the right way (with your faith included!)
Implement these key components to a bold, intentional life:
• Routines that ensure more focus and less chaos
• Customized system for your calendar and to-do lists
• Habits that last instead of fizzle
• Systems that save you time and mental energy
• Your faith--woven in throughout your day
Confidently construct your schedule for what matters:
• Let things go and learn how to say "no" with less pain
• Declutter your mind of constant overwhelm
• Create rest + margin (Finally!)
• Build a productive career without sacrificing relationships
• Set boundaries and end your chronic working
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End To-Do List Overwhelm: 4 Secrets Go-Getter Christian Chicks MUST Know to Organize Your Tasks and Get More Done
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Get Your Life Back: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Go-Getter Christian Chicks to Create a Personalized Weekly Routine
$59 value
Transformed: God's Grace Sets You Free
$5 value

Set of 4 to download and print!

That's over $80 worth of extra goodies, created specifically 
for you to make the most of your time + life!
Is this program right for you?
Bold, Intentional Life is for the woman who:

• Is ready to draw a line in the sand and make a real, lasting change in order to get it

• Wants more from her life and believes that's worth investing in

• Wants her faith to influence everything in her life including her goals, to-do list, and calendar

• Is frustrated and tired of trying things that haven't worked, but knows there's more to life than stress, guilt, overwhelm, and distraction

• Values hard work, but also believes in working smarter, not harder

• Is struggling to juggle a lot of roles

• Craves accountability and community

• Wants to be the best version of herself, for herself, her family, and the Lord

It's NOT for the woman who:

• Continually makes excuses and doesn't take ownership for her life
• Doesn't believe change is possible

• ONLY cares about improving her life for the sake of earthly or self-centered reasons

• Believes God has no place in personal growth

• Refuses to challenge the status quo and pursue change
A bit about me:
Hey, I'm Diana! I'm a wife, mom, and Certified Professional Life Coach on a mission to help go-getter Christian women break free from stress, guilt, and overwhelm. 

I've helped countless women achieve breakthroughs in their lives + businesses, and now it's your turn

I can't wait to show you how to create your own custom version of a bold, intentional life. My coaching clients and my own journey are proof that it is possible. From day one, I've built a successful business without sacrificing what matters most. 

Sidenote: I think it’s a bummer that the personal growth world tends to bypass God's role in our life. Expect a lot of Jesus in this program, because he's the center of everything I do!

Friend, if you’re craving a life full of passionate purpose where your productivity doesn’t come at the expense of the things that truly matter—faith, marriage, health, relationships—Bold, Intentional Life is your answer.


or 5 payments of $247
or 12 payments of $114

What are you willing to do to trade your 
stress + guilt for a free + focused life instead?

(Good news, by the way!)

For each woman who enrolls in Bold, Intentional Life, $800 of school supplies will end up in the hands of kids who desperately need an education. Yes, your $997 creates an extra $800.

How does that work? Well, for each woman who enrolls, we make a donation to World Vision, and thanks to World Vision's matching partners, our donation turns into $800 worth of supplies. Just imagine what an impact you're about to make on dozens of lives.
So, are you ready?
For less stress, and more peace...
Less overwhelm, and more God-centered order...
Less guilt, and more goal-crushing…
Because your intentional action will create an intentional life. 

And now’s your time to take action.
As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of women just like you. 
Here's what a few of them have to say about the ways their lives were forever changed:

“God sparked something in me when I met Diana in person. Her passion and faith immediately drew me in. I'm SO grateful I took the leap to begin coaching as it has changed the way I approach my life and business. Diana has helped me make clearer decisions, and move forward in places I felt stuck.” 
– Lara Casey

“I was on the fence about taking this program, but I am very glad I took that leap of faith! I learned SO MUCH! . . . These past 8 weeks have taught me the importance of taking one step at a time, keeping my eye on the prize: my loosely-grasped, Christ-centered vision for the future."
– Emma Veers

“Before taking Bold, Intentional Life I was spinning my wheels and trying to do all the things, all at once. I gained confidence, tools, and skills to cast vision, set goals confidently, and implement systems. These things will serve my life and business for a long time to come. The best part of the class is that it was all from a Christian perspective, so we actively made God a part of our goals and vision.”
– Machelle Kolbo

“I've been so grateful to participate in this program! Everyone should learn this stuff in life - how to manage your time, prioritize what matters, create effective habits . . . I'm so much more equipped to rock out my business and personal life!
– Megan Craig

The BIL program was priceless. Diana is such a source of encouragement, knowledge and support. This program really helped me dig deep and discover what was truly important, and it provided me the practical tools to align my values with my daily life." 
–  Christine Koskodan

“I will forever be grateful to Diana for this program . . . She has given me so many tools to work with to feel more in control and less overwhelmed.
– Leigh Wright Conrad

“I love working with Diana. She understands my heart as an entrepreneur, as a mom, and as a Christian. Participating in a group coaching program was great because I had the other women who participated with me . . .  Diana created a great community for us all to grow and flourish!” 
–  Danielle Roberts

I'm so much more calm, with plans for the future to not just take life as it comes, but to be more proactive and thoughtful." 
–  Ruth Jakubowski

“I loved being part of Bold, Intentional Life. Diana shared so many big and little ideas to help me think about what my ideal lifestyle could be and provided encouragement on how to make those things happen!
– Rebecca Long

“This program has given me direction and clearer focus . . . Concerted effort in organizing my tasks/calendar, creating new habits and systems, and keeping my focus on a bigger picture of arranging my life around what really matters to me is starting to unlock my true potential! For the first time in a long time (ever?) I feel like I actually have the tools now to start the new year refreshed and motivated to go after that joyful, non-chaotic life I've been wanting for a long time.” 
– Teri Hatchell

“This sweet woman has encouraged me so much and helped me clarify and juggle all that I had going on last year! (25 weddings, mentoring, my online course launching, taking care of a toddler, trillions of sessions, being a wife and coach to my mentor clients) . . . My favorite thing is that her coaching has such a strong base in the Lord . . . that is worth its weight in gold.”
– Gina Zeidler
Got questions? We’ve got answers.
Will this program focus more on business or more on my personal life?  
Yes! (In other words, it will focus on both!) Let’s face it--our businesses/careers and personal lives don't fit into perfectly separate buckets, and that’s okay! This process will provide you a well-rounded approach to all priorities of your life. Rest assured, whether your focus in these 8 weeks is mostly business-related or mostly about your personal life or a mix of both--you will experience huge growth and relief (and wonder how you ever got by before)!

What if I’m on vacation or have a schedule conflict with the weekly classes and can’t attend them all live?
Recordings of classes will be available on the membership site!
When do we start?
Our first class is June 21 and our last class is August 16. We have off the week of July 4th. 
Diana, how much access will I have to you? Will I be able to ask you questions and get your feedback, advice, and 1-on-1 accountability/encouragement?
Absolutely! Between the live, weekly classes and the Facebook group, you'll have a lot of access to me. I encourage you to ask me lots of questions!
When does enrollment close?
Your chance to enroll ends on June 15 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time!
If I don't sign up for this program, will it be offered again in the future?
Friend, if you’re asking this question, I get where you’re at. I’ve been on the fence about programs before and thought, “Maybe I should wait until the next time it’s offered, IF it is offered again, that is.”

Truth time: I don’t know for sure whether I will offer Bold, Intentional Life again. I'm a wife/mom and my family comes first, so I don't like to guarantee anything too far in the future!

I’ll give it to you straight and tell you what I do know:

1) If I offer BIL again in the future, it may cost you more to join us.

2) If this program is offered again, there will be more women in it, which means less individual attention for you. I’m keeping this group to no more than 25 women so you will get a lot of personal help from me!

3) If you wait until the next time it’s offered to enroll, there’s a good chance you’ll stay in the same place you are now. Can you handle that? Only you can make that call. 

4) With all that in mind I say, “Now is the time, friend! If not now, when?!” (On the flip side, I also say, “This program isn’t right for everyone, and that's okay!")

If you have any additional questions or hesitations, no worries! 
Email me directly at so I can personally help you out! 

Or, choose a time slot for a FREE, 15-minute phone call with me so we can chat about it!
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