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April goals 2016

Hey, April!

It’s snowing in Milwaukee as I write this, which is just so bizarre. As I was working on my PowerSheets for this month, I wrote down something like, “The weather is still not that great yet, so this is a good month to lean in and hustle.”

It’s true. This is a good month to hustle, because next month, I’ve got something very exciting coming for all of you, and then June-September it is typically gorgeous weather in Wisconsin and I will be working a little less.

I love seasons, don’t you? There are some days or weeks or even months that if an outsider looked at just those times in my life, they might think my life was off-balance, but I know the truth: It’s not.

I know and believe that balance is bigger than one day, one week, or one month, which allows me to work hard when I want to or need to. In whole, my life feels very balanced to me (although I shy away from that word “balance”).

I told this to one of my coaching clients recently and it’s my encouragement to you, too: Remember that it’s okay to work really hard sometimes and it’s okay to rest really hard, too. Also, they don’t have to be perfectly even in any given time span.

I’m excited to press into work this month! Here are my April goals!

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Photo: Laurelyn Savannah Photography

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  1. Revamp and implement my morning routine.Why: I love consistency and routines and have been craving a refresh of my morning routine lately so I can start the day even stronger and more intentionally. I believe it’s important to disassemble systems and routines every once in a while and look at them with fresh eyes so you can redesign them to serve you better! This fits in with one of my Quarter 2 goals + my phrase for this year.
  2. Revamp and implement my content plan + schedule.Why: I have been focused on other more important things in my business the past few months, but for various reasons I’m feeling the need to get back to producing a little more content–for my email family, on the blog, and on social media. Also, this ties into a Quarter 2 goal of growing the number of people in my email family–who I get to share free content with on a weekly basis!
  3. Work on the new surprise (coming in May) at least 18 days this month. | Why: There are countless great reasons why this project is important, but the reason I wrote my goal this way is because I’m choosing to avoid procrastination and to work each day little by little so it’s not overwhelming!


  1. Cook dinner for Kyle. | Why: Kyle is so supportive of my work and such a huge contributor around the house! He makes dinner at least a few times a week, and I barely ever cook, even though I know he really feels loved when I do.
  2. View each Sunday Sabbath with a “snow day” mentality.Why: I got this idea from the fantastic book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and being a Wisconsin girl, I could totally relate to the imagery of a “snow day” and how fun those snowed-in, “free” days are when they happen. In my slow, steady progress toward truly resting and recharging on my Sundays off, this is a great next step for me! So far, I have loved my Sabbath snow days! :)
  3. Complete month one of Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge, along with Nancy Ray + some of my coaching clients and friends from Making Things Happen! | Why: I love Nancy’s heart behind this and I think it will be a valuable challenge to go for 3 months without buying clothes, home goods, and even (gasp) books. You’re invited to join us! Learn more here or join the Influence Network to take Nancy’s class on the Contentment Challenge for free on April 14.
  4. Choose one category of possessions each week to declutter with the KonMari method. | Why: My initial 2016 goal was to have this done by last month, but I didn’t have a good game plan and so it didn’t happen. With the Contentment Challenge the next 3 months, this is a great tie-in. As one of my coaching clients says, “I want to wear the world like a loose garment.” (In other words, less attachment to stuff in my life, please!)
  5. Fast completely from sugar (except dark chocolate!), starches, dairy, and alcohol (for alcohol, I’m fasting during the week when it’s just Ky and me at home). | Why? I know these foods are very damaging to my body personally (with all that I’ve been through), and lately I’ve given myself more wiggle room on these than is healthy. I’m adding this fast into the Contentment Challenge and doing it for at least 3 months to strengthen my view of my body God’s temple, something I want to love and steward well for his glory.

Habits I’m tracking on my PowerSheets:

  1. 45+ minutes with God each morning, before any work | Goal: 26+ days
  2. Writing in prayer journal about relationships, sin, pride, eating, and anything else I’m working to improve | Goal: 26+ days
  3. Strength training | Goal: 13+ days
  4. Praying with Kyle outside of meal times | Goal: 5+ times
  5. No email/social media checking before noon | Goal: 23+ days

Books I’m reading this month:

Books I’m reading every month this year:

Challenge + Share: What’s a habit you need to start tracking to help it become cemented? :) Choose one and come up with a way to track it, then share what you’re tracking in the comments!


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  • April 8, 2016 - 12:26 am

    Mandy - Great blog post! Thank you for sharing your goals and books too. I’ll be back :)ReplyCancel

  • April 7, 2016 - 1:35 pm

    Em - So much to love here! 1) I wholeheartedly agree with you that balance is bigger than just one day/week/month! I thrive on seasons! 2) After hearing Nancy rave about Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, I’ve added it to my list! So glad to hear you love it, too. 3) I love that you assigned a goal for each habit you’re tracking on your PowerSheets – I think I’m going to try to implement that, too!ReplyCancel

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