Wouldn't it be nice to finally stop your crazy to-do list from making you feel like a total failure? 
If you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with ALL THE THINGS . . . 

Let me make life easier for you with this simple guide.

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The End To-Do List Overwhelm Guide: 
4 Secrets Go-Getter Christian Chicks MUST Know to Organize Tasks and Get More Done
  • Discover the 2 critical systems you must have to keep life organized, so you can have waaaay less "tabs" open in your brain that drive you crazy.
  • Stop the guilt and frustration of endlessly transferring over your long list of unfinished tasks each day to the next day in your planner or calendar. 
  • Learn the 4 common mistakes you might be making when writing out/organizing your tasks and projects, plus what to do instead, so your to-do list gets done instead of paralyzing you with overwhelm.
  • Turn your to-do list and calendar into your BFFs for creating a life where the things that matter most to you actually happen! 

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I get where you're at.  I've been where you are.
My clients come to me for help on this all the time. 
Now it's your turn. This is your lifeline. 

Your to-do list doesn't have to stress you out any longer . . . 
"End To-Do List Overwhelm" will reveal to you the 4 secrets You must know if you want to change the way you view your to-dos, organize your to-do list, and get things done!
Learn proven strategies to... 
• Keep track of and distinguish the difference between calendar events, projects, and tasks without losing your mind.
• Stop making a number of common mistakes in how you write out your tasks.
• Organize your tasks by deadline and priority level so nothing gets lost.
• Easily make decisions about what task to work on when.

Once you learn and implement these simple secrets, all that's left is to start getting things done and glorify God with a life focused on what matters most!
I've made this easy for you.
You've probably read a million blog posts and books with tips on how to get things done or how to organize your to-do list. 

The problem is, these tips are usually too complicated, they don't fit your style, or they don't actually solve your to-do list needs.

This guide will change that for you. These 4 secrets adapt to fit everyone. Plus, they're in step-by-step order with a few simple action steps that will have you totally rocking out your new system and getting things done in no time. 

This is exactly what I've done to tackle to-do list overwhelm in my own life and exactly what I teach my coaching clients who spend thousands of dollars to work with me! 
Here's What You'll Get!
  • 12 pages of proven strategies!
  • Clear, simple, bite-sized action steps for each secret that's revealed
  • Answers to frequently asked questions--in other words, solutions to your most common, nagging, to-do list problems and hang-ups
  • A true handle on your to-do list for the first time ever (You can't even put a dollar amount on how much that's worth, am I right?!)
  • The peace of having your tasks all in one place in a format that's super easy to work from
  • PLUS: BONUS ACCESS to a private Facebook group of like-minded, go-getter Christian women (Reserved for my clients and paying customers only so you get more attention from me!)
  • And so much more...
Answers to your questions
Is End To-Do List Overwhelm a digital product?
You bet! You get to learn and start implementing the 4 secrets right away!
How soon will I receive it?
You get to download it immediately! Don't put this off, friend. Click that button and get your guide now.
Do I need any special software to open End To-Do List Overwhelm?
Nope! As long as you can open a PDF file on your computer, you'll be able to open this guide!
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