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Break free from stress, guilt, and overwhelm.

Let’s design a bold, intentional, joyful life around your unique values and vision.



Who is this for?


Do you feel weighed down by busyness? Expectations?
Your to-do list?

Do you sometimes find yourself having a breakdown — maybe even crying — because life feels complicated?
Are you constantly playing catch-up, but end the day with a chronic sense of defeat that you didn’t get enough done?


Sister, I know how it feels.


I’ve been there. If you can relate to these to some extent, you’re probably a good fit for the Life Refresh Program.

This coaching program is especially for you if you’re a go-getter Christian woman who is ready to break free from stress, guilt, and overwhelm and take action to design a bold, intentional, joyful life—not just for yourself…


…but for the sake of the people you love and for God, too.



How will the Life Refresh Program set you free?

1During our 2-hour Strategy Session together, you’ll develop a crystal clear picture of your life vision and your unique values. I’ll help you dig deep to discover what really matters to you specifically, as well as what’s making you feel trapped.
2Once we create your detailed life vision and focused values, we’ll design your new, bold, intentional life. This is where coaching really gets exciting, because you’ll start to feel light, free, and energized! (No caffeine needed, girl!)
3We’ll develop your Action Plan: specific, practical action steps and strategies to experience life with less stress, guilt, and overwhelm. (Hint: Your Action Plan might not mean doing more! In some aspects, it will be about strategically doing less!)
4Now it’s time to implement your Action Plan. Your weekly Coaching Sessions will be critical to your success during implementation. I’ll be your biggest fan and source of support!


Using the Christian Coaching Model, I’ll coach you through your obstacles, help you troubleshoot, encourage and motivate you, hold you accountable, pray with you and for you, and guide the way.


What do you get?

1-on-1 Private Coaching with a Certified Professional Life Coach:
• 2-hour Strategy Session // Completed in person or via phone
• 30-minute weekly Coaching Sessions // Completed via phone
• Unlimited email access for questions, feedback, support, and accountability
• Access to a shared accountability document so you’re held accountable for your success on your goals + action steps

Additional bonuses to ensure your success:
• Complimentary access to my group coaching program–Bold, Intentional Life
• PDF workbook to help you create a weekly routine
• PDF guide to help you organize and gain control of your to-do list


What’s the next step?

Honestly, the Life Refresh Program isn’t for everyone. But if you’re a go-getter Christian chick who’s ready to take action and make changes, I encourage you to apply for a Complimentary Clarity Call.

Due to high demand, I just opened 3 more coaching spots. Only ONE MORE of those spots is still open! Once they’re full, I will not be able to offer any more–that’s my max! This last spot will go FAST, so apply for a complimentary Clarity Call with me today if you’re interested in snagging it and starting your journey to an intentional life right away!



I heard you have a group coaching program, too?

Yes! My group coaching program–Bold, Intentional Life–is currently closed for enrollment!

Click here to learn more about it + get on the waitlist for next time!


Coaching with Diana is life-changing! As a goal setting teacher myself, I hadn’t considered coaching before this last year. But, God sparked something in me when I met Diana in person. Her passion and faith immediately drew me in. I’m SO grateful I took the leap to begin coaching as it has changed the way I approach my life and business. Diana has helped me make clearer decisions, and move forward in places I felt stuck. Her prayerful and wise advice has been an enormous gift to me, my family, and my team! – LARA CASEY
This sweet woman has encouraged me so much and has helped me clarify and juggle all that is going on this year! (25 weddings, mentoring, my online course launching this fall, taking care of a toddler, trillions of sessions, being a wife and coach to my mentor clients) . . . My favorite thing is that her coaching has such a strong base in the Lord . . . that is worth its weight in gold. – GINA ZEIDLER
 Diana’s ability to use thoughtful questions to create raw and sometimes new personal discoveries has helped me achieve goals that I have been putting off for years simply due to fear. – KIRSTEN PROBST
Working with Diana was such a gift to my life. She guided me through some fairly broad, deep topics, and broke them down into something manageable. She also helped me discover tangible ways to let go of those things I no longer needed and make time for what I truly value. – CHRISTINE KOSKODAN
My favorite part of the work that Diana is doing is that it doesn’t just stop with me–the joy and the confidence I hold can’t help but flow into other parts of my life: she impacts my students, my family, and my friends. – JACKIE TORRES
Diana helped me refine my goals, develop strategies, and implement plans to reach my targets. I would highly recommend connecting with her to reach your highest potential! – VALERIE KUSHNEROV
I went back and looked at my vision for the end of 2015 . . . and I was surprised at how on track I actually am! Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me over the past several months! – EMMA VEERS
Diana helps you bring out the best in yourself, and work towards the life that you desire while simultaneously helping you find contentment in the current moment. – LAURELYN TAGLIENTI
Working with Diana has really helped my wife accomplish more and reduce stress. The house is cleaner, she is making more money, and she has a more active spiritual life. – JAKE, husband of a client
I was struck by the way Diana seemed to keep in tension the need to be intentional–to set goals and make lists–with the reality that we are sinners in need of unconditional love and grace (which we get in Jesus–hooray!). – CANDACE B.
Diana is someone you want in your life! She is a true woman of God who is very genuine and sincere in her interactions and is a great cheerleader to have on your side. With Diana’s help, my life has become much simpler by finding my life passion and setting goals that matter. – KATHLENE EVANS
Diana really is great at what she does. I have noticed significant movement forward in feeling more direction through the helpful questions and habits that have helped to propel me past the overwhelm. – MOLLY ROBINSON
Diana, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Seriously. Whatever you are doing with my sister, I am so grateful! I’ve always seen greatness in her, but until recently, I don’t think she had seen it for herself. She is voicing her WORTH and big, crazy, audacious dreams that she’s always shared with me . . . It’s crazy awesome. – REBECCA FOAT, sister of a client
Diana helped me figure out so much of my life and I have never been happier. You get out of the coaching what you put into it and if you put your all, you will see amazing results with Diana. – JESSICA PREFUME
Diana understood that I wanted to live a life with His plans, not mine, and she helped me figure out exactly how to do that without the overwhelm and chaos that I know I would have had without her by my side. She helped me focus on what matters most, and I believe that my business now is on the path of the life He wants me to live instead of what I thought was best. – KRISTIN WILSON
When I think back to just a few short months ago when I was trying to decide if I wanted to do coaching with Diana or not, I am SO THANKFUL God nudged me to say yes! She’s impacted my life big time! – MELISSA IMBACH
Diana’s encouraging spirit was the mid-week pep talk I needed each week to refocus and remember that we aren’t called to just survive but THRIVE! I’m still seeing the fruit of the intentional work we did. My morning routine is stronger then ever, I’ve restructured my schedule to deeply reflect my core values & goals, and in the midst of the busiest time of year I’m prioritizing self-care, rest, and life. Thanks, Diana, for encouraging me to become the women God intended me to be! – EMILY ENOCKSON