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Here’s the #1 thing I want you to know: I’m here to do battle with you.


If you’re a go-getter Christian chick like me . . .

You make to-do lists.
You set goals.
You dream big dreams.
You work hard.

You try to be a good wife/sister/daughter/friend/employee/volunteer/board member/Bible study leader/EVERYTHING.

Most of all, you try to follow, love, and walk with God.


But, it often feels exhausting. Frustrating. Impossible.


The stress, guilt, and overwhelm casts a cloud on your life that makes you feel stuck . . . enslaved to that dumb to-do list that never ends no matter how hard you try.

Meanwhile, life is flying by. (Like, where did last month go?!)

And when you do slow down enough to think about your life, you have this sinking feel deep down that you’re missing some of the very best stuff:

An intimate relationship with God.
A joyful, passionate marriage.
Generally speaking, the things that matter most.

You’re tired of the never-ending to-dos and that nagging guilty feeling like you’re always letting people down.


Does all this sound like I’m reading your mind?
Nope. I’m just describing my former self.


God wired me to be a action-taking, goal-oriented girl, but that was killing me and my marriage.

One day, my therapist gave me an ultimatum: You can quit your job, or I can put you on anxiety medication.


Around the same time, I asked my husband a question,
and the answer shocked me.


So I drew a line in the sand, my husband and I took a spontaneous road trip vacation where the “old Diana,” the joyful Diana, came back.

And I vowed that I would learn and try out every strategy and system I could to make sure that the anxiety-ridden, stress-ball, insomniac Diana did not return again.

(Heck, I even went to school to become a Certified Professional Life Coach so I could help other Christian chicks with these same problems.)


Now What?


I love the ambitious, go-getter life, but there’s a right way to do it.


If you haven’t quite figured that out, I’m here for you, sister.


I believe the disease of unintentional busyness, overwhelm, and distraction is the devil’s greatest trick he’s going to use on the women of our generation.

If Satan can take down the ambitious Christian chicks of our generation, he will do some major damage.

I’m not okay with that. Which is why my life’s mission is to do battle with you–

Against overwhelm.
Against too many yeses and not enough nos.
Against comparison and insecurity.

You don’t have to settle–for overwhelm and lack of time, for crummy health and no energy, for a so-so relationship with God, for living paycheck to paycheck, and for a marriage in which you just “get by.”

I refuse to accept those things, and I’m not going to let you either!

That’s why I’m here–as your coach, friend, sister in Christ, and fellow warrior–fighting alongside you.

This isn’t just about creating a life that feels better to you.

This is about creating powerful change that causes a ripple effect in your marriage, your family, your work, your church, and your community.

Friend, it’s about freeing you up to live a life that glorifies the God of grace who is so worth the effort it takes to live boldly and intentionally.

That is what gets me excited in life, and that’s what I’m here to help you tackle.


My Mission + Vision


Mission // Through action-oriented coaching, education, and resources . . . Our mission is to help go-getter Christian chicks break free from overwhelm and boldly, intentionally design their time + life to make what matters happen.
Vision // To create a world-wide eternal legacy through a generation of Christian women who live boldly, intentionally, and free.


Coaching with Diana is life-changing! As a goal setting teacher myself, I hadn’t considered coaching before this last year. But, God sparked something in me when I met Diana in person. Her passion and faith immediately drew me in. I’m SO grateful I took the leap to begin coaching as it has changed the way I approach my life and business. Diana has helped me make clearer decisions, and move forward in places I felt stuck. Her prayerful and wise advice has been an enormous gift to me, my family, and my team! – LARA CASEY